Modern Dining Tables

We offer a wide selection of modern dining tables to choose from discovered through various stores, designers, and retail brands around the world. You'll be sure to find something that fits your tastes through our listings or our partners to find the best modern dining table for your needs.

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Modern Dining Table

A Simple Guide For Choosing The Perfect Modern Dining Table

Often times, certain things are overlooked when making a decision on what to choose. This guide should help you ask yourself some questions you may have otherwise looked over.

What is the maximum table size that the space can allow for?

Measure the space, then take into consideration room for chairs (and the space needed to get in and out of them easily)
Take into consideration the materials you're wanting.

Glass? Wood? MDF? Plastic? Metal? Stone? Concrete? Something else? There are a wide variety of finishes available.
Select color, finishes, materials that are going to look great in your dining space and be suitable with surrounding furnishings. And don't forget to think about the relationship between your table and intended dining chairs. Don't be afraid to mix up materials. And remember, when thinking 'modern', you want less details. Think simple. Think boldly.
How many people will your table need to accomodate for seating?

2, 4, 6 ,8 or more?

Remember for each seat at the table, you'll be needing to order a chair. Factor that into your investment.
How wide is the table?

The last thing you want is to be so close to the person across from you that you can reach into their plate. Ensure your table will offer enough space so people on each side of the table can eat comfortably, and also factor in the additional plates in the middle in case you're serving a large meal. Now you'll be ready for hosting those awesome holiday dinners!
What position are the legs/supports?

Will they be in a position that is difficult to sit? Will the table be easy to clean under with a mop or vacuum?
Will the table offer enough weight and structural support that it doesn't feel flimsy?

A solid table is one of the most important aspects of a quality dining table. The last thing you want is something lightweight that moves if someone nudges into it with their belly. Target something that's going to be at least 70lbs or more.
Should you put an accent rug underneath the table?

A rug can be a great way to add more character to your dining space. Ensure it's large enough for chairs and moving them forward and backward.
Do you have young children?

If the kids get rowdy at mealtimes, a glass table might not be the best option.
What shape of table makes sense for your needs?

There's square, rectangular, and round tables to choose from.
Is the assembly reliable?

Don't get something that's going to have poor joints, junk hardware, or simply bad assembly design. You'll find yourself with a wobbly table in no time!
Is compactness or extension critical?

Certain table designs offer folding mechanisms to make them slimmer, as well as the ability of using 'leafs' for extending a table to privide more room when you have more guests than usual.
Is resale value important?

Consider what the table would be worth of it was used. Metal, concrete, stone, solid wood, name brand, and designer tables will hold the most value. Tables with material from plastic, MDF (faux-wood and laminates), and glass tables will likely have the lowest resale value later.
Moving time!

Is the table going to be easy to move, and will it easily break or be damaged during a move? Or just be really bulky? These can add up to future costs you didn't plan for.
Bonus Tip!

Choose your modern dining table before choosing your chairs, accent rugs, and other accessories. It will make choosing the other pieces much, much easier!
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