9 Stunning Square Clocks to Add a Modern Look to Any Living Space

Nothing adds a sharp feel to a room like a clock. If you’re looking to add a modern touch to your living space, look no further. We’ve culled through the most attractive, contemporary, and minimal timepieces to add a touch of finesse to your living space.


Modern Bamboo Box Clock


This clock adds a new flair of modern style to any room. Made of 100% eco-friendly bamboo, the clock fits easily on the wall or on a desk.

The wooden face features precise laser-cut black numbers, contrasting distinctly against the deep grain of the wood. The pointed hour and minute hands move around the face of the clock with a silent motor that won’t make a sound.


Minimalistic Rustic Wall Clock


This beautiful dark wood clock is handmade to order. It features a deeply set wooden clock face with subtle markers at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 places.

The minute and hour hands are suspended from the background, creating a clean and warm feel with the space. This clock will provide a modern touch to a rustic space, or will give an earthy tone to minimalistic furnishings.


QLOCKTWO Text Wall Clock


Looking for a clock that changes how you see time?

The QLOCKTWO sets itself apart from all other timepieces using a distinct text-based interface that updates in five-minute increments.

Choose from a variety of faces, including acrylic, powder coated, and stainless steel. The soft LED lights behind the face illuminate the words based on the time, creating a sentence that updates throughout the day.


Tile25 Ceramic Clock


Designer Robert Bronwasser has created a clock unlike any you’ve seen before.

It features a blank canvas for time, without numbers or other indicators. The bamboo hands move gracefully across the sleek ceramic surface in ultimate simplicity.

The cream-colored ceramic lends itself to kitchen themes with its softened square shape, but can find a place in any room of the house.


Yellow Glass Art Square Wall Clock


This clock is made of a folded piece of yellow glass, featuring designs in beautiful script inlaid behind its surface.

Embodying the unique charm and otherworldly design of artists like Salvador Dalí, this piece of art incorporates recycled glass for a design element that stands apart from the crowd.


Etch Clock


Nothing compares to the Etch clock.

Instead of presenting the hour one second at a time, the Etch clock refreshes every 30 seconds to create a new sculpture. The patent-pending membrane morphs to engrave the numbers into the sleek gray frame.


Bright Orange Minimalistic Square Wall Clock


This orange clock is sure to turn heads.

With its crisp, defined outline and signature white hands, the clock creates a defined look and accentuates its surroundings.

Whether you’re looking for an accent for a minimalist room or the center piece for your modern living space, this clock does it all.


White Embroidered Fabric Clock


Nothing stands apart like a clock made from fabric. Instead of a face made from plastic, metal, or wood, this timepiece has embroidered numbers that show the time in stark display.

The white hour and minute hands add yet another distinct feature, leaving the entire clock defined by shadows and textures.


Diamond Rustic Wood Wall Clock


The last square clock on our list is angled such that it appears to be a diamond.

Its clean numbers demonstrate the time with precision, and the black hour and minute hand contrast faintly with the dark wood face.

Whether you’re looking to complement a rustic look or add a touch of contrast to a plain wall, this beautiful clock will fit well with your decor.



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